Friday, June 5, 2009

Challenge Day 3: Yellow Buttermilk cupcakes with Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

Day 3: Yellow buttermilk with fluffy vanilla frosting. These were fairly simple, plain cupcakes, a great crowd pleaser. I had run out of cake flour, so I used regular all purpose flour. I think the cake flour yields a more tender, lighter cake, but these were great anyways.
They baked for 17 minutes in my convection oven. The batter made 38, instead of the 36 indicated. A few cupcakes melted over, but most of them came out with a nice domed top.

I frosted them with your traditional american buttercream, butter and powdered sugar plus vanilla, and topped them with yellow sanding sugar. Very cheery I think! This is what people think of when you say cupcake: sweet frosting, great moist cake, very nostalgic.
Probably going to take a few days off, start again on Monday. Next up is coconut cupcakes, although I'm having a hard time finding all the ingredients: I still need coconut milk and coconut extract (they're very coconut-y).

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pearse said...

would u be kind enough to send me the vanilla cupcake recipe you had success with. i am strugling to find one . tried several. they all turn out dense.
thanks so much