Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grapefruit cupcakes

A few months ago my friend Donna gave me grapefruits from her tree! I squeezed and zested them, to use in cupcakes later, and put everything in the freezer. Today I used about half the zest and juice from 3 large grapefruits for a dozen cupcakes. I used a traditional vanilla recipe, reduced the vanilla, added about a tablespoon of zest and use the juice instead of milk. They are tart and yummy! The sweetness of the frosting is cut by the tartness of the grapefruit. I tinted the frosting slightly yellow, added sprinkles and glitter. They're all packed up and ready to go on the plane with me tomorrow. I'm going to try and hit a few cupcakeries in Asheville while I'm there.

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