Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chocolate Easter Cupcakes

So, the other day, my friend Amy suggested that I make Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes for Easter. So after some research and thought, I decided the easiest way would be to make chocolate cupcakes with the eggs inside them. Then when you cut them open, the yummy egg centers are gooey. So, I put Cadbury mini and regular sized eggs into the cupcake batter before I baked them, and they seemed to turn out great. Until I cut them open. The eggs had sunk to the bottom, and the chocolate shell had hardened, making it hard to eat. The larger eggs did a little bit better, but still didn't give me the results I wanted. Back to the drawing board! I'll have to assemble my own version I think, and fill the cupcakes with pastry creme after baking, to give the appearance of a Cadbury Egg. Oh well! They were still delicious!
Here's the inside:


amy said...

Awe, too bad. You know what, though, they still look good. I'd probably still eat them. Hey, I was wondering how marshmellows inside cupcakes would turn out--have you ever tried that? I ask because I was going to try Rocky Road cupcakes before I chickened out. I thought...what if the marshmellow puffs up and explodes all over my oven...?

Tania said...

For Rocky Road cupcakes, which I haven't tried yet, I'd recommend using a marshmallow frosting instead of putting it inside. Either that, or you can fill the cupcakes with fluff after you bake them.

amy said...

Oh, great idea!