Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Martha Challenge #25- Marble Cupcakes

In an effort to use up leftover dark chocolate frosting, I wanted to make something that would go well together, so marble cupcakes were the winner! These were fairly straightforward, first you mix the vanilla batter, then make some of it chocolate.

The swirling part was fun, messing up the cupcakes randomly to get a marbleized pattern. As Martha says, it doesn't have to be perfect. Really, Martha? I find it hard to believe that anything she does isn't perfect :)
The cupcakes baked up nice and tall, with big domed tops. After cooling for a while, I topped them with a thin layer of dark chocolate frosting, left over from last week's chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. Since it didn't hold its shape too well when piped, I just used a spatula to spread some on.
This was a good recipe, not complicated, and they smelled so good I almost ate one, and I never eat my own cupcakes! But I have been assured they are "nom nom nom".


Fran said...

What do you mean with "I never eat my cupcakes" you've got to be kidding! They look and must taste awsome (all of them).

Tania said...

Fran- for whatever reason, after baking them, I no longer want to eat them! I do sample the batter to make sure it's good. My husband is a great taste-tester tho :)