Friday, February 12, 2010

Martha Challenge #24- Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Ok, next challenge, and I do mean challenge. Chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. Martha made these in mini, but I made regular sized. 50 minis apparently equals 24 regulars.
This was one of the hardest recipes yet. Three steps, and each step was difficult. The cupcakes were very spongy, and the batter was liquidy. They baked for 17 minutes. It almost seemed like they weren't done, because they were so delicate and wobbly, but they were. I let them rest overnight.
The next day, I made the frosting. I've made this frosting before, it's basically tons of butter and chocolate, with a tiny bit of sugar. It's super rich and shiny, not too sweet. But it's quite loose, not stiff at all. And, the recipe makes a ton! I had at least 2 cups left over.

Then I made the salted caramel to go inside. I've made caramel a few times before. Again, I slightly overcooked the sugar mixture, so it was a very dark caramel. At the end you stir in fleur de sel, which is a fancy french sea salt.
Finally, assembly. I cut holes in each cupcake, filled with warm salted caramel, and sprinkled more fleur de sel on top. Then I piped the chocolate frosting on top. It's really too loose of a frosting to pipe, it was running all over the place. But I was rather surprised that once piped, it held its shape on the cupcakes. Then I sprinkled more fleur de sel on top.

These were super hard to make, doubt I'll make these again. Although salty and sweet is a popular combo, I'll try to achieve it other ways.

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