Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

So last week we went to a free screening in the park of the Godfather. One of my favorite lines from the movie includes cannolis, so I made cannoli cupcakes! They are an almond cake, filled with traditional cannoli ricotta filling, and topped with a vanilla buttercream with chocolate chips. I shared them with people sitting nearby, and everyone loved them. I just can't resist a theme!

I cut open a cupcake to see the filling, but it's hard to distinguish because the cake is about the same color. You can kind of tell, it's the denser-texture stripe in the middle. Although I had put chocolate chips in the filling, not every cupcake got some, and this one didn't. It was still delicious! Even better after being refrigerated for a while.
I love trying new recipes, because I always learn something in the process.

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