Thursday, September 4, 2008

super Red Velvet

So, ask anyone, and more than likely they will love red velvet cupcakes. I'm not sure what the allure is, other than the color, but everyone seems to like them. I've tried red velvet at a few different cupcake places in town, and I've made them multiple times myself. It's easy to just take a regular cupcake and tint it red, but that's not a red velvet. There's a hint of chocolate, they're super moist and cakey, and the cream cheese frosting is the only appropriate topping. I finally found a good recipe, so I made them the other day for a corporate birthday party. In my opinion, the redder the better, so I made these super bright red. They turned out great!

And I always love to top them off with red sprinkles, so everyone knows exactly what they're getting. Mmmmm, I could go for one right now!

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