Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travelling with Cupcakes

So, one of my biggest challenges is trying to get cupcakes to my friends and family who live far away. This past weekend, I went out of town and wanted to bring a few cupcakes with me. I used the individual cupcake holders called cup-a-cakes. They have little prongs inside to hold the cupcake in place so the frosting doesn't get smushed. I packed up my cupcakes and put the containers in my suitcase, nestled among socks to prevent them from moving too much. When I arrived and unpacked, the cupcakes were upside down inside the containers! Although they were intact, the frosting did get smushed against the plastic container, so they weren't as pretty. So although these are great for taking cupcakes to school in a lunchbox, they're not so great for cross country travel. The search for a better transportation system for cupcakes continues.....

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