Monday, August 4, 2008

Classic Red Velvet

So I have never been a big fan of red velvet, finding the cake usually tasteless and dry, but everyone loooooves the cream cheese frosting. So I finally found a recipe that was moist and flavorful! It's from the Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book. It differs from other recipes only slightly, but apparently those small changes make a big difference in taste.

I had recently bought a giant cupcake pan which I was dying to use! It's a 2 part pan, top and bottom. I hollowed out the bottom a bit and filled it with cream cheese frosting, then swirled the entire top. You can also make an ice cream cake with the pan!

Well, I had batter left over, so I made some cupcakes too. Can't be wasteful! Although I rarely eat my finished product, I did have a cupcake and it was amazing! And super red too ! Definitely a classic done right. Now if I can only make an armadillo ;)

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