Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day chocolates

Valentine's Day. A holiday dedicated to chocolate and roses. I usually don't make a big fuss over this holiday, I just bake something chocolatey for my husband and he gets me flowers. After being together for 18 years, it's more about the little everyday things than a big splashy gift once a year. But I will take any excuse I can get to eat chocolate in any form: brownies, cookies, cakes, and especially truffles.

So pretty!

I was honored to be asked to review this box of Valentine's chocolates by Whole Foods. I shop there probably 3-4 times a week, since there's a market only a few blocks from my house. It's a nice little walk there and back, and I feel like I've earned whatever I end up getting from the salad bar. So they sent me a lovely heart shaped box of Valentine's chocolates to try.

Can't wait to dig in

There's nothing quite like receiving a heart-shaped box filled with sweet treats! Something about the shape and color make it special, and you just know it's not something you'll get any other time of year. My favorite part of opening a new box of chocolates is guessing what each piece has inside. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll just dive right in and bite into a few to find my favorite. But this box came with a handy guide, so I didn't have to guess. Even if you know what's inside, there's still a bit of a surprise when you take that first bite.

Temptation- dark chocolate with smooth raspberry center

14 different chocolates, each one unique. I wonder if the number was a deliberate nod to the holiday's date? Either way, it's a good amount for sharing. I started in order listed on the description card, but after I was halfway through I realized I should have probably worked my way from white to milk to dark chocolate. Oh well. While each and every one was delicious, I did have a few favorites. I'm not a fan of white chocolate in general. In my mind, the darker the better. And since these are Belgian chocolates, the dark was super rich and decadent.

I'm a sucker for caramel and nuts, so those earned big points with me. The two chocolates with liquid caramel were my favorite, with the dark chocolate winning out overall. I mean, whoever first thought to combine dark chocolate, caramel, and sea salt is a genius. The hazelnut filled heart was also pretty amazing. I ate those entirely, but the rest I just took a bite, saving the rest for my husband when he gets home from work today. He'll be greeted with a half-empty box of nibbled chocolates, but it's better than a completely empty box. Or maybe I'll just polish off the box myself and pick up another one next time I'm at Whole Foods, for him to enjoy by himself. Now there's a thought!

The carnage

This heart-shaped box would be a great last-minute gift for anyone who forgot or put off buying a Valentine's Day gift. Just pop in to the market, pick up some flowers, champagne, and a box of chocolates, and you're set. A Valentine anyone would love to get. Including me!

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