Monday, March 7, 2011

Cakes and Pops

I recently did a birthday cake and pops for a real live paying client! I think it turned out great.

I've been doing more and more cake pops lately, everyone seems to love them! They're cute, bite sized, and a great way to use leftover cake and frosting. I made a big batch for Valentine's Day too. Any excuse to use more sprinkles :)

I'm currently working on a website, although I need a name for my cupcake company first. It's been the hardest thing to do, since everytime I think of a great name, I google it and find it's already been taken. I don't want to do anything that anyone else has already done, so it's been difficult with all the bakeries out there now!

More cupcakes and pops to come!


amy said...

Hmm..... the best I can think of that seems original and doesn't appear in Google searches is
"Cake up Call" like "Wake up Call" but might be too much of a stretch............ Best Wishes for you and your bakery!!!!!!!

NDaisy said...

I googled cupcakes and found your page about 6 months ago. You inspire me to bake! I love seeing all the fun cupcakes you come up with and would totally pay for them! I was toying around with names and thought - Quench Cupcake. It seemed different and kinda catchy. Being that I live in Westminster, Colorado and all the cupcake shops are downtown, if you opened a store front I would be there weekly. Good Luck!

Tania said...

thanks for the ideas! I'm pretty close to narrowing down a name, I'll be sure to post it when it's official.