Friday, January 29, 2010

Martha Cupcake Challenge #22- Tres Leches

The next installment in the cupcake challenge is Tres Leches cupcakes. This translates to three milks, which is exactly how these are made.
The cupcake itself is a variation of a sponge cake, very light and fluffy. Once they are baked and cooked, they are soaked with the tres leches mixture. It's condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. Super rich! I tried pouring the milks over the cupcakes, but it was too messy, so I ended up using a turkey baster. It was perfect!

There's so much milk mixture at first it seems like it won't all get absorbed, but I just waited until the first bit was fully absorbed, then added more. I ended up with 21 cupcakes, which took 3.5 cups of milk mixture.
I covered them and let them rest overnight in the fridge to make sure everything was fully incorporated. Then I made sweetened whipped cream, and topped each cupcake with a sprinkling of cinnamon.
According to my official taste tester, these were amazing! Definitely going on the menu.


jfstegel said...

What a coincidence, I'm planning on making a tres leches cake this weekend. We saw Alton Brown make on and Carrie decided that I would have one waiting for her when she got back into town on Sunday... So I get to bake which I don't do. But at least its super easy.

Tania said...

John- I saw the Good Eats too! that's what inspired me to make these. According to Jason, they were super awesome. A whole cake will be easier to make, I guarantee. You can even fudge it and use a cake mix (I won't tell)