Thursday, July 31, 2008

My most popular request

So, the cupcakes that most people love, and that I get the most requests for, are chocolate stout cupcakes. I make them with an Oatmeal Stout from a local brewery, Four Peaks, and the stout and chocolate flavors are so perfect together. Plus, they smell amazing while baking! Although I've made them many times, I most recently made them for a birthday party, by special request. I used a Bailey's buttercream frosting to top them off. And because it's a party, chocolate sprinkles! In my opinion, it's not a real party without sprinkles :)

Every time I make a new recipe, I send it with my husband to his office to get opinions from his coworkers. Now, he works with mostly guys, so the stout cupcakes were the hand down favorite. Even now, when I send another recipe with him, as soon as he enters the door with cupcakes, everyone asks, are they beer cupcakes?? And although they always love whatever I make, these are by far their #1 favorite. Boys and beer, who figured?

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